25 Oct

Living here in the valley of the sun, we really only have two seasons, hot, and really hot , and because of that, we have a little bit different wedding season than other locals,   but that is not what I am wanting to talk about, what I want to talk to about is that  how couples can save money by having their wedding in the off season.

While it’s not standard, most vendors and venues will offer off season pricing to help keep them busy during the off season.   While every venue or vendor is different,  you can usually save a good amount money on the venue and vendors by having your wedding during the off season.

You might asking, ok, you have typed two paragraphs  and you yet to tell us when the seasons are for getting married.   And you have a good point, so let’s take a look the seasons.

The wedding season for us here is , March, April and May and again in October, November and December.

So off season is going to be, January, February, June, July , August, September , and those are the months in with a lot of us wedding vendors are going to be giving discounts .

AZ DJ does offer off season pricing , just contact us with your off season wedding date ,  typically, its about $150-$200 off our normal rates.



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