Put your name in lights! To give your event a personalized touch and an instant “wow” factor, a gobo name projection is the perfect party add-on. A gobo projector will project your names, wedding date, special message, company logo, artwork, or anything else you wish in lights.

Imagine guests entering your party and seeing your initials displayed in bright light in the center of the dance floor. Or even having your company logo blown up on the wall – what a perfect way to greet your guests in style!

We let you decide what goes where and how, we just haul the equipment and get your party set up just the way you like it.

Keep in mind that gobo name projections aren’t just for wedding and corporate events, we can also show small quotes on the wall such as “Happy Birthday” or “Merry Christmas”, depending on what you like. It’s your party, so the choice is yours and you even get to keep the gobo after your event.

You can add Monogram Projection to your wedding/event for $150

*Price includes projector and custom Gobo

** AZ Deejay does not custom make Gobo’s , we use 3rd party vendors to make them for our clients.



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