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Will our DJ act as an Emcee during our event?

Yes , we will act as an Emcee during your event.  This is one of the services we offer that is key to the success of your function.  Your DJ will make all announcements and make sure that the night keeps on track according to your time line.

Can I see you in action?


From time to time I’ll get asked this question, and the first thing I always tell prospective clients is that every wedding is extremely personal, not to mention private.  So, no, it is not possible unless we are working a public event.

Are you insured? Can you supply me with proof of liability?

Definitely.  Many responsible business owners carry liability insurance.  That protects you and the business. Some locations are beginning to require proof of insurance.  A Certificate of Liability can be used as proof.  We are insured for $2,000,000.

How much power do you need?

Ideally we need at least one dedicated 15 or 20 amp circuit.  Many times we need two and sometimes even three.

From time to time I’ll get asked this question, and the first thing I always tell prospective clients is that every wedding is extremely personal, not to mention private.  So, no, it is not possible unless we are working a public event.

What AZ Deejay Service unique?

AZ Deejay Service will cater your wedding entertainment to your unique needs.  Every DJ can play music for your event.  What makes AZ Deejay Service  unique is that we feature Icebreaker activities that will help get your guests to the dance floor and dancing all night long.  This will ensure that your Wedding will be one that you and your guests will remember for a lifetime.

Encore Mobile DJs also offer online planning tools that will allow you to communicate the details of your event.  When the form is received we will meet with you in person to make sure we fully understand your unique needs.  AZ Deejay Service attention to detail allows us to make sure nothing is missed and your entertainment is performed to perfection.

What types of equipment do you use?

AZ Deejay Service use the latest in club style lighting and sound equipment. The music library is digital and we have a wide selection of the top hits  We offer a full club style lighting system that can also include a laser light show.  In addition we can provide wireless microphones and a video projector.

Do you provide music and equipment for wedding ceremonies?

Yes we can provide music for your Wedding Ceremony.  Make sure to let us know that you will also need us for the Wedding Ceremony.   We can play all your wedding music as well as provide wireless microphones to be used by you and your officiant so you guests do not miss a single moment.  We offer a second sound system for your wedding ceremony which allows us to transition quickly from the ceremony to the reception.

How long will our DJ play music?

The amount of time your DJ will play is totally up to you.  Typically Wedding entertainment lasts about four hours.  You can decide in advance how long you want us to perform and the price will reflect the time frame.  If you are having fun and want the DJ to play longer you can purchase additional time the day of the event.

Is it customary to tip the DJ?

Gratuities given to your DJ entertainer are made at the client’s sole discretion.  10 percent to 20 percent of the total fee is customary for an excellent performance.

How early will out DJ arrive to set up?

We will arrive one hour prior to the scheduled start time of your event unless other arrangements have been made. It typically takes about forty-five minutes to set up so this allows us to be set up before guests arrive.

What is your Wedding DJ coverage area?

We are located in the Phoenix Metro area service Maricopa County, but will travel outside of Maricopa County, but travel expenses will charged.

Can we pick what music to play?

Yes you can pick what music to play.  Simply submit a list of songs in advance that you would like to hear and we will play them.  This is good because it not only gives us great songs to play but also an idea of your musical tastes.   We also feature an online request sheet you can send to your guests in advance to fill out.  We print the requests and bring them with us and play them.

Will our DJ take guest requests?

Absolutely!  We’ll work with you prior to your event to determine the specific styles and individual requests that you’d like played. We’ll also encourage your guests to make requests (if you approve) to make sure we play the songs that you and your guests want to dance to.

How do you price your DJ services?

Every event we play is unique so we create packages to reflect the unique needs of each function.  Price varies based on a few important factors. The factors that dictate price are the dates, how long you want us to perform, and  the equipment that you need.  Simply call us, or fill out our online contact form, then we will put together a custom package to fit your exact needs.

How do you handle overtime?

If you are having fun and want your Wedding DJ to play longer we would love to continue our performance.  You can purchase additional time by paying overtime at the beginning of the hour.  All overtime is purchased on an hourly basis and the cost for overtime is outlined in your contract.

Do you provide a written contract?

It is extremely important to have your booking confirmed in writing.  AZ Deejay Service  will provide you with a written contract outlining the terms of your service.   We will sign the contract and send you a copy to retain for your records.  It is important to have a contract to guarantee your DJ services. I would never suggest booking any DJ service with out a written contract.  And AZ Deejay Service will not perform any services without a signed contract

Will you be available to answer DJ questions prior to our Wedding?

Yes.  We will meet with you in advance in person to discuss the details of your wedding entertainment.  In addition you will have our contact numbers that you may call/text any time with any additional questions prior to your Wedding date.  You can call as many times as you like I am always available.

What type of music do you play?

AZ Deejay Service will have an extensive selection of music consisting of Club Dance, Classic Rock, Country, Oldies, Big Band, Motown, R & B, Rap, Disco, and Hip-Hop. We have everything from the 1940’s to today’s top 40, so there is something for all age groups.  We will discuss with you in advance what types of music you want played during your Wedding and we will play only those types of music.

What types of  music do you play during dinner and cocktail hour?

We have a wide selection of cocktail and dinner music in my music library.  We can discuss in advance what types of music you want us to play during this time.

How does your DJ dress for a formal event?

You choose the DJ outfit in advance and I will wear it.  If it is a formal event I will typically wear a black or white dress shirt, formal black vest, black pants and a tie, most none formal events a company polo shirt and slacks/khakis

Can you provide wireless microphones for the wedding ceremony, toasts etc?

Yes we can provide up to two wireless microphones to be used during the ceremony and reception, for ceremony’s we can provide lavaliere wireless mics( body mics) or headsets,  additional mics are available

Do you have back ups for your equipment?

Our equipment is extremely reliable.  We do have back ups in place in case something does go wrong.

How do we book your DJ services?

Call us, or fill out our online contact request form so we can discuss your entertainment needs.  We will put together an entertainment package based on your needs  that includes pricing.  Once your approve your package we will send you a online contract.  We require a 50% deposit with a signed contract to hold the dates for your.  Once the contract and the deposit are received by us we will hold the dates.  We work on a first come first serve basis.  The first contract we receive for the date with a deposit check will get the date.  The deposit must be returned with the signed contract.  The balance is due at least ten days prior to the Wedding Date.

How do we pay for your services?

We accept all forms of payment, cash, credit card( we use Square) Payapl, checks.  If paying by check,  remaining balance for services must be made 14 business days prior to the event date.

How far in advance do we need to book Your Wedding DJ services?

Wedding DJs are typically are typically booked as much as a year ahead of time.  I would try to book your DJ as early as possible.  Some last minute bookings may be available as much as a few weeks ahead of time.  It all depends on the dates.  wedding vendors in the Greater Phoenix area are busiest in March, April and May and again in October, November and December.

Do you charge for mileage or set up?

We do not charge for mileage or set up within Maricopa County.  The contracted price includes travel, set up and take down time.  Our pricing is inclusive of travel.

What is it Beat Mixing? Why does it matter at my wedding?

Beat mixing (or beat matching) is an exciting way of mixing one song into another.  Many mobile DJs will let Song A completely fade out, then push play on Song B.  The result?  Energy and momentum on the dance floor is lost.  I say “No way!” One of the biggest reasons wedding DJs are hired in the first place is to keep guests entertained and dancing throughout the night.  Most wedding DJs either can’t or don’t know how to beat mix, or try to do it and it ends up sounding like a mess.

How can my wedding benefit from a DJ vs an iPod or band?

What a great question. Here are some statistics that may surprise you:


72% of all brides say they would have spent more time choosing their reception entertainment.

Almost 100% say they would have spent more of their budget on the entertainment.

During wedding planning, brides say their highest priority is their attire, followed by the reception site. Entertainment is among the least of their priorities. Within one week after their reception, 78% of brides say they would have made the entertainment their highest priority!

When asked, 81% of guests say the thing they remember most about a wedding is the entertainment.

65% of couples that chose a band to entertain at their wedding said, if they had it to do over again they would have chosen a DJ.

And keep in mind:

**No band or iPod can ever coordinate, direct, and MC your wedding**


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